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There have been many innovations made in the health industry. One of the big questions in people’s minds is about vibration plates. Do they work to help a person successfully lose weight and keep those pounds off for good? If you have struggled with weight loss in the past, you have reached the right article. This article will talk about how a vibration plate works and how its manufacturers claim whole body vibration can help with weight loss and overall health.


What Is A Vibration Platform?

Vibrations platforms are taking gyms by storm. These machines are said to be able to provide an hour’s worth of hard muscle training and workouts in only a fraction of the time. People who manufacture vibration plates claim that a person can get an hour’s worth of working out in only 10 minutes.

This machine was originally developed for athletes. It was said that whole body vibration will greatly improve the training’s effectivity on these athletes and make them more agile and have their muscles more healthy than they were before. Originally, vibration plates were added to the regular workout routines of the athletes to add a level of complexity and difficulty to the workout.

Vibration machines are now scattered all over the place. People are now able to use these machines during their workouts. Like the treadmills, stationary bikes, and other kinds of cardio exercise machines, vibration platforms are said to be able to help a person become healthier and be able to lose weight.

How Does A Vibration Platform Work?

In theory, a vibration machine works to transfer vibration signals to the body to increase muscle contractions and thereby strengthen these muscles. It is said that if the vibration machine is used consistently over long periods of time, benefits such as the increase in muscle mass and better control of blood sugar levels will be the benefits to be seen and experienced. 

How Does A Vibration Platform Work?

Blood sugar is said to be affected by the whole body vibrations by experiencing an improvement in bone density. This will give the person better blood sugar control.

The theories that are connected with whole body vibrations suggest that all the benefits associated with this type of exercise will be attained because of the vibrations. A whole body vibration workout uses the vibration plate and machine attached to it to provide the vibrations and let these vibrations reach the muscles.

However, at the moment, that is all there is to be said about vibration plates. They are only theories at this point. There are not very many studies that exist yet to prove if these machines are effective or not. More people report that this exercise machine does not really contribute to weight loss if it is used alone.


How To Use A Vibration Machine

A vibration machine is pretty straightforward. One simply has to stand upright on the machine, turn it on and it will start vibrating. A person can opt to do other exercises while the machine is on to maximize the benefits of the vibrations.

The claims of the people who are behind the invention and manufacture of this type of exercise machine say that weight loss and muscle health can be improved with the use of a vibration plate. They say that just standing on the machine will help with blood circulation and the firming of the muscles.

The machine is not difficult to use as one would simply need to stand up while the machine is turned on. However, many people are skeptical that just standing up on a vibrating platform will help you lose weight. They question if there is any truth to the claims of the manufacturers that benefits can be attained simply by standing up on the machine.

Does A Vibration Machine Help with Weight Loss?

The million-dollar question is if vibration machines actually work to do what the manufacturers say they can do. Do these machines really deliver on the promise of being able to help a person with their weight loss and reach their target weight after using the machine for some time?

Does A Vibration Machine Help with Weight Loss?

While some people do lose weight with the use of a vibration plate, these weight loss results rarely happen because of the use of the vibration platform alone. A person will usually do other types of exercise in conjunction with the use of a vibration machine. They may choose to do squats or other forms of cardio and weight loss exercises while on the machine.


Is There Scientific Proof Of The Effectiveness Of A Vibration Machine

A scientific study was conducted with rats as the test subjects, to see if vibrations sent to certain muscles will be able to trigger weight loss and the other benefits to the muscles that vibration is said to be able to give.

The species of rats that were used in the study is one that is more prone to obesity than other rats. The result was mostly positive. The rats that were used in the study were mostly able to lose weight and avoid becoming obese because of the use of the vibration plate.

However, there is a very big difference between the body mass and makeup of a person and that of a rat. The amount and intensity of the vibrations that were used in the study may be too much for a human being to handle to ensure the success that was seen in the rats in the study.

There have been other studies that have been done on people to test the effectiveness of a vibration plate. There were a few of the test subjects that reported weight loss as a result, but they also used other forms of exercise along with the use of the vibration plates, so the end result cannot be completely attributed to whole-body vibrations alone.

Although these studies were conducted, they do not present conclusive evidence that a vibration platform machine can be an effective means for a person to lose weight or have any of the mentioned health benefits. More studies have to be conducted in order to properly assess if vibration plates really work.


Final Thoughts On Exercising And Weight Loss

If you are looking to invest in an exercise machine that can help you lose weight, it may not be a good idea to buy a vibration plate machine. This machine promises a lot of things but sadly falls short in delivering on the promise of weight loss. Since the weight loss that is associated with these types of machines requires a person to do other forms of exercise along with using the vibration plate. It will be much less time consuming if the person were to do these other exercises instead, without the use of the vibration plate.

A person will do much better to invest in other types of exercise machines like elliptical machines, stationary bikes, treadmills, and other cardio exercise machines. If they would really like to try to use a vibration plate, they can do so at their local gym. However, investing in one for the sake of losing weight is not a good idea. There is no evidence to fully support the idea that whole-body vibration can have the desired effects that are described by the manufacturers.

In a nutshell, it isn’t a wise investment to use whole-body vibrations and a vibration platform machine as the sole way to lose weight. Other more effective ways have been tried and tested in terms of losing weight. It is a good idea to use these more conventional methods to approach your goal of losing weight, instead of buying a vibration plate machine for weight loss.

Should a person want to incorporate whole body vibrations into their workout routine, they should sign up for gym membership and try out the vibration plate machine at the facility instead of buying one of their own. Their money will be much more well-spent if they buy another type of machine for weight loss. Stationary bikes and elliptical machines are much better choices when it comes to effective weight loss.

Before getting started on your weight loss journey, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor. They will be able to properly advise you on how to get started in losing weight, what type of diet may be best for you to use and what types of exercises may be used to help you reach your target weight. Remember that losing weight is about many factors, not just about exercise machines and workouts. Talking to a doctor will help you maximize the benefits you can get out of your exercise as well as help you reach optimal health in the shortest amount of time.

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